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Travelta - Travel & Tourism Management System

Travelta Details
  • Posted on :04-02-2020
  • Layout :Responsive
  • Compatible Browsers :Firefox,Safari,Opera,Chrome,Edge
  • Compatible With :Bootstrap 3.x
  • Tags : Tourism Management System,\r\nTourism,

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Travelta Description

Nearly everyone goes on a vacation and a Tourism management system would play a vital role in planning the perfect trip. This Travelta tourism management system allows the user of the system access all the details such as weather, location, events, etc. The main purpose is to help tourism companies to manage customer and hotels etc. The system can also be used for both professional and business trips. The proposed system maintains centralized repository to make necessary travel arrangements and to retrieve information easily.For visitirs entry in Travelta, use these credentials:Admin Paneladmin@example.com123456Customeruser@example.com123456
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